LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy

I work affirmatively with gender, sexuality and relationship diversity (GSRD) including lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer identities, polyamory and non-monogamies, sex work and kink. 

You might be looking for an LGBTQ+ affirmative therapist because you would like a space in which to safely explore your sexuality or gender identity, or help in navigating challenges in your relationships.

Equally, you may be seeking therapy for reasons unrelated to your gender or sexuality, but need to know that your therapist understands and accepts these fundamental aspects of your life. I will not assume that gender or sexual identity should form the focus of our therapeutic work, but will be guided by what you bring to our sessions. 

My affirmative approach means that I do not see your gender identity, sexuality or relationship style as things that need treating or changing. I have experience of working within the LGBTQIA community and specialist training in working alongside trans and gender diverse clients.

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